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Fontanta Mini Wine Kits are Back!

Our mini wine kits are back in stock! These mini kits make 5 liters of wine with no equipment! All you need is water.

They make a great introduction to wine making and let you try something different than your usual favourite or allow you to have a variety of wines to offer your guests.

The kits take about 10 days to make before they are ready to drink. 

Varieties include: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Shiraz. More flavours are available in full sized wine kits which make 23 L of wine. 

Stock is limited we have a few boxes of each in stock.

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Our Premium Wood Pellets are Available all Winter

Take the chill off this extreme weather with the best quality wood pellets.  The pellets are available by the bag or at a special price once you buy 50+ bags. Pick up as many bags as you can carry and leave the rest here. We guarantee your bags for you and never double sell them. Once you try them you’ll never use any other pellets.  

We have lots of pellets in stock.

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Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are quickly approaching if you are looking for gift ideas how about something a little unusual?

Like the Candle Powered LED light


The Flame Genie a smokeless, spark free wood pellet fire pit


The portable cookstove Vital Grill


Beer and Wine kits



If you want something more classic we have that:

True North Space Heater

A fun 8 ft tall inflatable Santa with LED lights.

On sale for $89.99

The always useful tool set

Was $136.99 on sale for $99.99

Or maybe a joke gift:

 Washboard Prices Vary

 Galvanized buckets Prices Vary


If all else fails we have gift cards as well

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Composting Toilet Mail in Rebate! Save $225 on select units. Till Sept 15 18

SALE HAS ENDED, if you would still like to save on a composting toilet ask about our spring booking special which saves $100 off every model does not include the sealand toilet 

Take advantage of this deal while it lasts, three of our most popular all in one units are on sale. The Excel, the Excel non electric and the Compact.

Skip the septic tank or smelly and inconvenient outhouse. With a composting toilet you can have an odor free toilet in your camp. Get the composting toilet that actually works, the patented rotating drum means your toilet works with oxygen breaking down waste faster and without smelling. Very little work is needed to install one of these toilets, place it in your bathroom, vent it, that’s pretty much it! Call us if you want to talk more about these amazing units.  1 807 345 1491



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Well Summer has finally arrived even if we’ve been having some rainy weather in the last few days. Are you are heading out to camp or do you have an off grid home? Do you live on grid, have you considered a net metered system or just even a fun project? Come talk to us about solar power.

We’ve been selling solar for 20+ years. We do our best to sell you what works for you and your situation without over selling. We provide high quality products and equipment in a Do It Yourself solar system package, doing as much set up as we can in the store for you. The hardest thing you have to do it mount the panels either on the roof or ground.  

Ask for Dave aka “The Solar Guy” available at the Port Arthur location: 183 South Algoma,

Phone number: 1 807 345 1492.

Dave’s work week is Tuesday through Saturday.