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Styrofoam Toilet Seats are BACK!!!!!

I’m way too excited about having these seats back in stock. We’ve missed them dearly over the last year and finally found a new supplier.

So why Styrofoam? Well it doesn’t get cold. So your bum stays warm all winter long. Plastic toilet seats don’t do that.

Our seats are injected molded Styrofoam so the seats are non shedding like open cell Styrofoam which has those little Styrofoam beads that get everywhere and are very easy to clean. Just wipe or use a mild cleaner if necessary.

We have toilet seats available in store or for shipping. We ship the seats almost everywhere. If you pay for it we’ll ship it. Toilet seats can be combined for shipping, if you need more than one or want to do a group order with friends.

If you are one of the people who was taping their aged seat because they love it so much fear not you can get a new one.

Treat yourself or a loved one to a fantastic, and an unusual gift that will last a long time. Your bum will thank you.

To order please call 1 807 345 1491 or email Click here for more info: Styrofoam Toilet Seat

  *Toilet seats are now grey.


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Introducing the Fire Wood Saver by Firemizer

Introducing our new product the firewood saver the Firemizer. The Firemizer saves up to 38% percent of your firewood.

This is an environmentally friendly product as it takes waste from aerospace and similar industries and reuses it. The fibers are made into a mesh mat and it couldn’t be easier to use. Remove from the package (wear gloves) and place on the bottom of your fireplace, or wood stove. Even light the paper package on fire for a firestarter if you wish.

The Firemizer allows better airflow increasing the efficiency of the burn and allowing wood to burn more completely. The Firemizer lasts 500 hours or 1 month of burn time.

Available at our Algoma location.       

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Industrial Quality Inverter Generators are Selling Quickly

We have a few left of our Lifan generators in stock. All generators are pure sine (clean power) generators meaning you can run all of your electronics on it without worrying about damaging them.

We have three sizes in stock:

  1. 700 watt surge, 600 running  
  2. 2,200 surge, 1,800 running 1 left!
  3. 3,200 surge, 3,100 running

Models 1 and 2 are pull start

Model 3 is electric start and includes a remote starter.

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O.T.T Outhouse Toilet Treatment is back in stock!

We’ve just received a fresh batch of OTT (Outhouse toilet treatment). This product is fantastic at breaking down toilet paper and organic waste. The waste is broken down into liquid which leaches away from the pit. 

OTT has the highest bacteria count on the market at 3 Billion bacteria per gram of product. This product was originally suggested to us 30 years ago and we’ve been selling it ever since. It always receives high praise from our customers. 

Check out our Septic Remedy and Free-Flow products. Septic Remedy is designed for septic tanks, and Free-Flow is for keeping drains (sinks, showers, grease traps etc) free flowing by eating organic waste and making the drains slippery allowing the waste to move easily down waste pipes.     

Also available is our injection molded Styrofoam toilet seat. This keeps the toilet seat warm all year round. The injection molded Styrofoam means that the Styrofoam cells are sealed and easy to clean. The seats come with a backer board, foam seat, and lid.  

We import these seats from Finland and shipping is available call 1 807 345 1492 for info.   


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Well Summer has finally arrived even if we’ve been having some rainy weather in the last few days. Are you are heading out to camp or do you have an off grid home? Do you live on grid, have you considered a net metered system or just even a fun project? Come talk to us about solar power.

We’ve been selling solar for 20+ years. We do our best to sell you what works for you and your situation without over selling. We provide high quality products and equipment in a Do It Yourself solar system package, doing as much set up as we can in the store for you. The hardest thing you have to do it mount the panels either on the roof or ground.  

Ask for Dave aka “The Solar Guy” available at the Port Arthur location: 183 South Algoma,

Phone number: 1 807 345 1492.

Dave’s work week is Tuesday through Saturday.