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O.T.T Outhouse Toilet Treatment is back in stock!

We’ve just received a fresh batch of OTT (Outhouse toilet treatment). This product is fantastic at breaking down toilet paper and organic waste. The waste is broken down into liquid which leaches away from the pit. 

OTT has the highest bacteria count on the market at 3 Billion bacteria per gram of product. This product was originally suggested to us 30 years ago and we’ve been selling it ever since. It always receives high praise from our customers. 

Check out our Septic Remedy and Free-Flow products. Septic Remedy is designed for septic tanks, and Free-Flow is for keeping drains (sinks, showers, grease traps etc) free flowing by eating organic waste and making the drains slippery allowing the waste to move easily down waste pipes.     

Also available is our injection molded Styrofoam toilet seat. This keeps the toilet seat warm all year round. The injection molded Styrofoam means that the Styrofoam cells are sealed and easy to clean. The seats come with a backer board, foam seat, and lid.  

We import these seats from Finland and shipping is available call 1 807 345 1492 for info.