Shipping Information and Website Policy

All most all of our items can be shipped to you, at this time we are unable to take orders through the website but if you call any of our stores we would be happy to help you with an order and provide a shipping quote. Credit card is preferred for payments, however other options may be available. 


Call to ask about ordering a product.

1 807 345 1491 (Main Office)

1 807 623 6052 (Our Intercity Location)

1 807 577 6465 (Our Westfort Location)


Website Policy:

We do our best to keep the prices on the site accurate however mistakes in pricing or price changes can happen, prices subject to change.

There also may be changes in the products offered in store without updates to the website or a variance in price due to a different brand. Example an 8″ adjustable Fuller wrench may become a 8″ Crescent or 8″ Prosource but it will still be an 8″ wrench.

Pictures are for reference only and may not show the exact product we have available for sale. Some products are seasonal and may not be available year round such as ice melter. Occasionally we have limited quantities of an item for sale at a special price. The special price only applies to those units. Once they are sold the next batch of the same items may have a higher price.