Sealand Low Flush Toilet

This low flush toilet uses only 1 pint of water and is used with the the Sun-Mar Centrex composting toilet unit.

A foot pedal flush opens the water valve and gate when pushed down, and fills the bowl with water when lifted. After flushing, a small amount of water is held in the toilet bowl which is sealed by a self-cleaning ball valve and teflon seal. Even gravity-fed water from a roof tank is sufficient to flush a 1 pint flush toilet.




Unit Weight 45 lbs (20.41kg)
Height to the top of seat 17 1/8″ (435mm)
Total Height 18 3/4″ (476mm)
Unit Depth 20 1/2″ (521mm)
Unit Width 15 1/4″ (387mm)
Distance from back – centre of waste inlet 10 1/4″ (260mm)