Excel Non-Electric Composting Toilet

This toilet is easy to install only requiring a vent pipe. It is a great solution to expensive septic systems and great for off grid homes as this unit does not need electricity to run.

*Electric units available as well.



These toilets are odour free, easy to install and low maintenance. Add the bulking mixture (Sure Green) one cup per person per day of use, rotate the drum every 2-3 days or at the beginning and end of the weekend. 

Composting toilets are partially emptied by rotating the handle backwards to release some compost this is usually done once a year.


Capacity part time (weekend/vacation)  5 adults of a family of 7
Capacity Full time use 2 adults or a family of 5
Average power usage (heater on 1/2 time) None
Height 31 1/2″
Depth 31 1/2″
Width 22 1/2″
Depth required to remove drawer 46″
Vent pipe 4″
Colours White or bone

*Water flush units available as well.    

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