J-B Weld Highheat

Hand Mixable Epoxy Putty Stick Specifically Formulated To Bond And Repair Materials That Will Be Exposed To High Temperatures In Automotive And Industrial Maintenance Applications. It Cures To A Tough, Hard Bond With Little To No Shrinkage. Sets In 1 Hour At Room Temperature. After 8 Hours, It Can Be Drilled, Tapped, Machined, Ground, Filed And Painted. Rated At A Tensile Strength Of 800 PSI And Cures To A Machine Grey In Color. It Is Able To Withstand Continuous Heat Exposure Of 400-Degrees F And Intermittent Heat Exposure To 550-Degrees F.



  • Hand Mixable Temperature Resistant Epoxy Putty Stick
  • Cures To A Tough Hard Bond
  • Sets In 1 Hr At Room Temperature
  • Can Be Drilled, Tapped Machined, Ground, Filed And Painted