J-B Weld WaterWeld – Epoxy Puty

Use Waterweld As An Adhesive, Laminate, Plug, Filler, Sealant, Electrical Insulator, And To Patch Holes And Cracks. It Can Be Formed, Drilled, Ground, Sawn, Tapped, Machined, Filled, Sanded, Painted And Applied Under Water. Stays Pliable For About 2 Minutes After Mixing, Sets In Just 20 Minutes, And Cures Fully In Just A Few Hours. Waterproof And Withstands Temperatures Up To 300 Degrees Fahrenheit. Approved By The National Sanitation Foundation.


Safe For Plumbing, Tub, Shower And Drains, Fuel Tanks, Marine And Boats, And Potable Water Tanks.