Wet/Dry Plastic Roof Cement Caulking Tube


Bonds to wet or dry surfaces making it great for emergency repairs and patches. The product is very thick and will require a better quality caulking gun to apply it. 

  • A High Grade Mastic Compound Of Asphalt And Mineral Fillers
  • This Material Is Blended In Proportions To Assure Maximum Resistance To Weathering While Providing Ease Of Application
  • A Soft Pliable Material That Gradually Hardens To A Durable And Water Resistant Seal
  • It Sets Firmly After Application, Yet Retains Is Pliability Over A Period Of Years
  • For Repairing Leaks In Asphalt, Metal And Composition Roof Surfaces
  • Used For Waterproofing And On Flashing Where A Heavy Duty Product Is Required And As An Emergency Patching Compound That Provides Good Water Resistance



Used As A Sealer And To Stop Leaks Around Skylights, Vent Pipes, Chimneys, Valleys And Foundation Joints. Repairs Cracks, Seams And Small Holes In Roofing Materials Up To 1/4″ Wide.