Great Stuff Fire Block Spray Foam

  • Great STUFF™ Fireblock Is Specially Formulated To Impede The Spread Of Flames And Smoke Through Service Penetrations – Helping To Slow The Spread Of These Destructive Elements During A Fire
  • Impedes The Spread Fire And Smoke Through Service Penetrations
  • Seals Electrical Wires Running Through Wall Studs
  • Creates An Airtight, Water Resistant Seal
  • Closes Gaps And Cracks, Increasing The Comfort And Energy Efficiency Of Your Home
  • All-Direction Dispensing
  • Bright Orange For Easy Code Identification
  • Adheres To Most Building Materials
  • For Sealing The Annular Space Surrounding Pipes, Cables And Ducts


Impedes The Spread Of Fire And Smoke Through Service Penetrations. Recognized As An Alternative Fireblocking Material For Residential Construction With Three Floors Or Less. Tested According To ASTM E84, ATM E814 (Modified) , UL1715. Bright Orange Foam For Easy Code Identification. Seals Service Penetrations Between Floors And Electrical Runs Through Wall Studs. Air-Tight Water Resistant Seal. Superior Adhesion To Building Materials. Tack Free In 6 Minutes, Trims In 30 Minutes. Cures Rigid In 8 Hours. One Can Equals Up To 19 Tubes Of Caulk, All Direction Dispensing, UL Classified.