Rainfresh Water Filter Removes 99.99% of Lead

Remove lead, chemicals and taste from your drinking water with this filter. We have set up an easy to install solder free plumbing kit. All you need is teflon tape and a wrench.  

The filter is best used on the kitchen or bathroom tap but could be used to filter your whole house. The filter lasts for 2270L or six months which ever comes sooner.

There are two types of filter housings available.

  1. A basic unit all cold water is filtered all the time through the filter
  2. A deluxe unit which features a bypass switch to turn off the filter, if you do not need it, example washing your floor, filling up a pool etc. 

Filter and housing sold separately.   


Rainfresh LR1 filter cartridge is a premium performance 1 micron activated carbon filter designed to reduce lead, volatile organic compounds (VOC ) including pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, benzene, trihalomethanes (THM ) and chlorine from potable water. It is also highly effective in improving water taste and odor. LR1 cartridge is made from high-quality activated carbon with proprietary lead reduction media, constructed in a compact style to deliver high adsorption performance and excellent contaminant removal characteristics. The solid block construction creates much higher surface area and prevents channeling and by passing for exceptional performance and long life.



  • Filters down to 1 micron nominal
  • Solid block construction that prevents channeling and bypass
  • Top-grade activated carbon media certified for material safety
  • Single open end
  • >99% reduction of lead and chemicals
  • >99% reduction of chlorine, taste and odor