Outdoor Toilet Treatment/OTT – Extra Strong 3 Billion Bacteria per Gram


The effective and natural way to get rid of outhouse smell, and break down waste. OTT works by breaking down the waste and turning it into liquid which leaches away into the ground. OTT has the highest bacteria count on the market at 3 billion bacteria per gram meaning it works better and you use less. One cap full each week or as needed mixed with 5-6 gallons of water and pour down the outhouse*. 



We’ve been selling this product for 35 years now. It was originally suggested by the ministry of natural resources and it always get rave reviews.

“I love it. I tell everyone about it,”
“That’s all we use in our outhouse”
“It saved me from digging another outhouse pit.”
“It’s fantastic,”

Ask about our Septic Remedy.

Shipping is available on this and most other products.  


* If you have used chemicals in the past in your outhouse such as hot lime these can affect the bacteria and the outhouse will need to be rinsed. If it has been many years since chemicals were used you may not need to rinse the outhouse.   

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