Styrofoam Toilet seat for the Outhouse


From Finland, the people who know cold winter weather, comes the original PuuCee Styrofoam toilet seat for your outhouse.

This seat is instantly warm to the butt in the coldest winter weather.  The injection molded Styrofoam is easy to keep clean.  The seat plug keeps the odours down in the summer and prevents frost on the seat in the winter.  Included is a hardboard backer in case your deck boards are uneven. Toilet seats are the same colour as the photo (cork coloured).

Seats measure approximately: 16.5″ wide x 17″ long. Hole size: approximately 8 3/4″ wide x 11 3/4″ long.   

Shipping is available. We can offer discounts on shipping for multiple seats (by combining shipping). Prices are in Canadian Dollars. 

Call 1 807-345-1491 or email sales@maierhardware for ordering.

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