Heavy Duty Red Lion 1/2 HP Cast Iron Sewage Pump

This high quality 1/2 HP cast iron pump is capable of pumping 2″ solids. The pump has an 11 amp motor, a 5 year warranty* and 2″ discharge we can make the discharge size smaller if you need it.  


Ideal for high volume sewage, effluent, and general wastewater applications in places like parking lots, leaching fields, and laundry facilities.


  • Automatic submersible cast iron sewage pump
  • PSC dual bearing motor with overload protection
  • Capable of passing up to 2″ diameter semi-solids
  • Piggyback tethered float switch
  • Not suitable for pond use


Gallons per hour at height of:

0 Feet 5 Feet 10 Feet 15 Feet 20 Feet
Gallons per Hour 9000 GPH 7200 GPH 6000 GPH 4500 GPH 960



*User error is not covered in pump warranty, such as incorrect use, sucking up rocks, running the pump dry etc. If you have an issue with your pump please bring it to our Algoma St. store. Please provide proof of purchase from our stores for warranty claims.