MNE250STM- L MidNite Solar E-Panel Steel Enclosure – 250A breaker & wire for MS4024 or MS2812

The MidNite Solar E-Panel comes standard with the basic over-current protection and disconnects required to install your renewable energy system. It can also expand to grow as your needs arise.

Breaker: 250 Amp 125 VDC
Material: Gray Steel 
Light Side Hinge: hinge on left, circuit breakers on the left and charge control bracket on the right.



Small size compared to existing disconnect and over current solutions
• Pre-wired to save time, money and complexity. All field wiring connections clearly labeled
• White powder coated aluminum or standard gray powder coated steel
• Three slots for ¾” wide panel mount breakers like the MNEDC80
• Easily expands to accommodate additional inverters
• Six slots for ½” wide din rail mount breakers like the MNEPV63
• Pre-wired 50 amp 277VAC rated Inverter AC bypass switch
• Pre- wired 50 amp 277VAC rated AC Input disconnect
• Bus bars for Battery Plus, Battery Minus, ground, PV+, PV-, AC hot in, AC hot out, Neutral
• Mounting hardware for Inverter and charge controller
• Mounting brackets for hanging E-Panel on wall
• ETL listed to UL and Canadian standards
• Standard Left hand hinged door to mount inverter – Right hand optional
• Knockouts for AC and DC conduits
• Charge control brackets (CCB) & 1” close nipple
• Cut outs for one GFCI outlet
• DC Inverter Battery breaker 250A
• Internal inverter cables