36″ Extra Wide Ergonomic Snow Pusher

Make shoveling easier on yourself this year. The extra wide blade makes pushing snow out of the way fast and the ergonomic handle lets you stand up straight saving strain on your back. The shovel has an extra wide handle for easy pushing. Plastic blade is gentle on decks. 

We stock this hard to find shovel during the winter.  


Quickly clear away layers of snow from very large surfaces with the Garant extra-wide snow pusher. Its 36 in (91.4 cm) polyethylene blade has a design that is light and not too deep, allowing snow to slide easily. This snow tool has an ergonomic steel handle that will allow the body to keep a natural position throughout each movement. For occasional or professional use. This snow pusher is ideal for clearing away snow from outdoor ice rinks.

51 long × 36 wide