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Styrofoam Toilet Seats are BACK!!!!!

I’m way too excited about having these seats back in stock. We’ve missed them dearly over the last year and finally found a new supplier.

So why Styrofoam? Well it doesn’t get cold. So your bum stays warm all winter long. Plastic toilet seats don’t do that.

Our seats are injected molded Styrofoam so the seats are non shedding like open cell Styrofoam which has those little Styrofoam beads that get everywhere and are very easy to clean. Just wipe or use a mild cleaner if necessary.

We have toilet seats available in store or for shipping. We ship the seats almost everywhere. If you pay for it we’ll ship it. Toilet seats can be combined for shipping, if you need more than one or want to do a group order with friends.

If you are one of the people who was taping their aged seat because they love it so much fear not you can get a new one.

Treat yourself or a loved one to a fantastic, and an unusual gift that will last a long time. Your bum will thank you.

To order please call 1 807 345 1491 or email Click here for more info: Styrofoam Toilet Seat

  *Toilet seats are now grey.