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Sun-Mar Composting Toilet Booking Special

Save $100 off the composting unit of your choice with our booking program. From now until April 5th we are taking preorders for all models of composting toilets. We’ve been selling Sun-Mar toilets for 20+ years and have sold over 700. We know they work. FAQ’s about Composting Toilets If you have questions about the toilets please stop into our stores to look at the display models and talk to our staff about the best unit for you. 


In order to save $100 off any composting toilet we require a deposit. Usually done with a credit card. We do not charge anything until the unit is being paid for. We also accept prepayments, and blank cheques. Toilets arrive around the first week of May. When they arrive we start asking customers to pay for their units. The units do not need to be picked up at this time.

Sale does not include the sealand toilet or the separating toilet