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Preventing Water Damage

Water damage is costly home repair and sometimes hard to detect. The most obvious point of water is your sump pump pit, we stock a selection of high quality sump pumps with different features. We have pumps that suck water from the bottom, pumps that can handle 2″ semi solids, grinder pumps, pumps with internal switches and more.

We also have a selection of back up pumps. One pump needs no electricity and relies on city water pressure to continue to pump water out in case of a power outage. There is another back up pump we offer that is 12 V a runs off a battery.

Other points of water leakage are your supply lines for sinks, toilets, laundry tubs, and dishwashers. Inspect these hoses to make sure they are not leaking, swollen, or cracked. The lines need to be replaced every few years to prevent leaks. If you have old rubber hoses switch them to the better quality braided stainless steel lines as the old rubber hoses can expand over time and spring a massive leak.

Once you’ve done all your checks there’s one more added security measure you can use a water leak alarm. Water leak alarms work just like smoke alarms, they get wet and they go off, alerting you to the leak. We stock three models of them. 

 This unit is placed on the floor and will set off an alarm if it becomes wet, perfect for washers and dishwashers.

This unit it perfect for sump pits. It has a sensor pad that you can drop inside and it will play music or an alert tone if the water reaches the sensor. 

The last unit is our most advanced unit. It is a WiFi water watcher from Bur Cam. It uses your house WiFi to send emails and text messages to alert you of a potential problem.